Welcome to Mountain Man Guiding!

Mountain Man Guiding is owned by Frank Hessler, who arrived in the Greater Yellowstone region in 2007, and calls the town of Livingston home. Frank fell in love with Yellowstone National Park while working there after graduating from college. Shortly thereafter, Frank pursued a Master of Science: Education Leadership degree, which led him to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska, where he spent the summer working as an intern at the visitor center doing administration and interpretation.

After returning to Montana in 2013, Frank worked as a seasonal and interpretive park ranger for Yellowstone National Park, which entailed everything from keeping visitors away from elk during the rut to leading full-day hikes. He also spent four years working as an interpretive naturalist guide for a private company.

All of this experience led Frank to start his own guide company, where he enthusiastically and professionally shares his passion for Yellowstone and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with others.