Yellowstone National Park is home to many creatures great and small. The formidable grizzly bear roams the mountain landscape along side the mighty bison. The ground squirrels make sure to keep track where that bull snake is heading. Those ravens always know where they can get a snack so make sure to watch your backpack.

A place like Yellowstone can be very intimidating, it’s large, wild and all around amazing. We would love to guide you around the park and explore which ever facet is most interesting to you. The wildlife here is absolutely unmatched. Grizzlies, wolves, bison, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, snakes, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Yellowstone offers it all.

Mountain Man Guiding would love to have you along on a wildlife tour in 2024. We do the driving, provide optics, and guide you around all the wildlife hotspots as we search for the elusive and not so elusive wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. We are now booking tours for the 2024 season. Please inquire at [email protected].

A Yellowstone grizzly bear guards his prize a bull elk on the Yellowstone River near Hayden Valley.
Bison are seen on most Yellowstone Wildlife Tours.
Bighorn Ram near Gardiner, Montana.
Cliff Swallows glide through the ozone filled air of the Northern Range.